Beirut Smart River

Part of the Beirut River Solar Snake project theOtherDada -and complementary to me green’s application to the bidding phase- advanced the idea to look beyond the production of renewable energy by proposing the concept of Beirut Smart River that takes into account 6 major pillars:

  1. Smart Governance
  2. Smart Environment
  3. Smart People
  4. Smart Mobility
  5. Smart Economy
  6. Smart Living

theOtherDada would address the design intervention of Beirut Smart River following the 3  main foundations of environmental Sustainability: Environment, Economy and Social Equity. 



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About tOD

Active since 2010, the architecture lab theOtherDada defends an alternative position towards the current practice of sustainability through exploration of the context and medium, invoking new relationships between climate, landscape, and inhabitants. Informed by our research into biomimicry, we aim to connect to the natural ecosystems of sites to understand and consequently devise new potential living habitats. theOtherDada works within a collaborative process between architects, scientists, botanists, artists, economists and craftsmen.

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