Reinterpreting the garden of paradise

In our LANDFORM house project in Riyadh we are inspired by the garden of paradise for its outdoor areas.

The research identified the following fundamental elements that constitute the gardens of paradise: geometry, symmetry (often expressed in bilateral or mirror-image shape), water features, axis & views, plant choices (affecting the floral display, fruits, aroma and fragrance).

The spatial experience in our design is articulated through a sequence of different garden typologies (Janna, Bustan and Rawda) that leads the user through the whole project in a winding itinerary, gradually revealing the totality of the landscape/architecture while remaining completely immersed in it.

tOD-PREZ-20140625 tOD-PREZ-20140625


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About tOD

Active since 2010, the architecture lab theOtherDada defends an alternative position towards the current practice of sustainability through exploration of the context and medium, invoking new relationships between climate, landscape, and inhabitants. Informed by our research into biomimicry, we aim to connect to the natural ecosystems of sites to understand and consequently devise new potential living habitats. theOtherDada works within a collaborative process between architects, scientists, botanists, artists, economists and craftsmen.

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