The importance of native species

We always recommend the use of native plants as they require less maintenance in terms of fertilizers and irrigation needs; because these species are naturally present in a specific geological area and are already adapted to the climatic conditions of this particular place.

However, more importantly native plants support a higher rate of biodiversity:

Not all trees are created equal. Native trees are more beneficial as they support more species (caterpillars, insects, birds, pollinator etc…) than non-natives.

The selection of the native species does not only specify the choice of plants for our clients, but it is also useful for our research on urban biodiversity. We are finding opportunities to recreate a suitable habitat for wildlife in urban areas. Therefore, if we have the ‘right’ selection of trees; we will have the appropriate environment for caterpillars and hopefully this will attract the birds.

In case you are interested in this research or have some resources to share, do not hesitate in contacting us!



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About tOD

Active since 2010, the architecture lab theOtherDada defends an alternative position towards the current practice of sustainability through exploration of the context and medium, invoking new relationships between climate, landscape, and inhabitants. Informed by our research into biomimicry, we aim to connect to the natural ecosystems of sites to understand and consequently devise new potential living habitats. theOtherDada works within a collaborative process between architects, scientists, botanists, artists, economists and craftsmen.

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