theOtherDada’s presentation at the 7th Build It Green Conference

How can we as environmental designers move “Towards Greener Cities…Together”?

It was a pleasure for theOtherDada [tOD] to be part of this year’s 7th Build It Green Conference, which was organized by EcoConsulting and EcoSolutions. This year, the conference focused on city-scale environmental projects with the theme “Towards Greener Cities…Together”.

The first part started with a presentation by Adib Dada, founder and lead architect of theOtherDada, entitled How Can Nature Inspire a Better Urban Development for Beirut?

Adib showcased two of the firm’s urban strategy projects: Beirut RiverLESS and Not Just About Dalieh. Nature is inspiring both projects for a better urban development in Beirut city. More specifically, Biomimicry Thinking is used at the System’s Level to bring back the lost ecosystems services in order to improve the Resilience of the city and the living conditions of its community. Both projects address local problems with a global impact, and turn them into local solutions with a positive global impact.

The second part continued with round-table workshops with experts discussing different themes with attendees.

Adib Dada conducted a workshop on Biomimicry where he introduced the Biomimicry Thinking, Life’s Principles and bio-inspired examples. Moreover Yasmina Choueiri, the team’s environmental consultant, conducted a workshop on Greenwashing. She explained the danger of deceptive ‘green’ marketing of companies (who claim that they are more environmental than what they truly are) and she provided tips of how consumers can avoid those traps.


Beirut RiverLess


Not Just About Dalieh


Adib Dada at the 7th Build It Green Conference

About theOtherDada

At tOD, we are architects with a purpose and strategists with a mission. Going beyond traditional architecture, we employ a holistic and biomimetic design approach with NATURE and PEOPLE at its core. It is architecture that is socially and environmentally engaged.

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  1. Alia Fattouh

    well done!!! 🙂

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