theOtherDada at Shanghai Project

We are excited to let you know that Adib Dada is collaborating with a multidisciplinary team working on “Landversation” for Shanghai Project.

The team is composed of Otobong Nkanga an artist from Nigeria/Belgium; Helena Ramos a cultural producer from Brazil, Peter Webb an ecopsychologist from Brazil, and Adib Dada an architect and activist from Lebanon, producing a long duration performance for an upcoming festival. The performance, called “Landversation,” starts with 3 locally and handmade tables that are animated by multiple and different groups, communities, and people who have a deep connection to land. “Landversation” will be a platform to connect different groups of people (lawyers, land activists, urban planners, urban farmers, geologists, etc…) to have personal discussions with the public, specific communities, and visitors to the festival. (Please see the images below for references to previous iterations of the performance.)

What do they mean by “Land”? Land extends beyond just soil, territories, earth etc.; it relates to our connectivity and conflicts in relation to the spaces we live in and how we humans try to find solutions through simple gestures of innovation and repair. From the different crises we see and experience, varying from environmental, health to social issues, these situations exposes the gaps and fractures we have towards land, culture and society. These fractures affect the possible conversation that can take place within the land we live in. Our relationships with nature/people become affected, so how can we find a platform to share, learn, exchange, and heal? These questions are the starting point for the project “Landversation.”

They are producing this 70-day performance for a pluridisciplinary festival called the Shanghai Project, which takes place inside the Shanghai Project Pavilion, a new architecture commission at the Shanghai Himalayas Center, designed by Sou Fujimoto, from September 4 – November 13, 2016. The festival gathers together not only artists, but musicians, filmmakers, architects, designer, historians, philosophers, poets, scientists, etc., to address the question of sustainability, over, into, and beyond the 22nd century, through exhibition, talks, performances, film screenings, interventions in public space, and publications.

If you are interested by this project, you can follow their work on the below links:











About theOtherDada

At tOD, we are architects with a purpose and strategists with a mission. Going beyond traditional architecture, we employ a holistic and biomimetic design approach with NATURE and PEOPLE at its core. It is architecture that is socially and environmentally engaged.

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