Karantina Public Garden Installation

TandemWorks [TW] invited us to serve on the jury for a competition to design a public play installation.

TW collaborated with Beirut-based landscape architects Zeina Kronfol and Pamela Haydamous on commissioning a permanent installation dedicated to children and adults of all ages around the subject of Encounters, in Karantina’s public park, a neighbourhood in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut. The commission came in the context of the park’s renovation by Zeina and Pamela, where a bridge was built to increase the surface area of the park and create an elevated vista, with a library tucked underneath.

They launched an open call inviting artists, designers, architects, sociologists and urban planners whether formed as collectives and/or individuals of all levels and nationalities to develop conceptual proposals for a playful and interactive installation. Concepts represented values such as care for the environment, curiosity, inclusiveness and conviviality yielding a reflection on the nature and history of the surrounding, under the open-ended theme of Encounters.  

The winning proposal by CatalyticAction was selected for their community driven process, their experience in building playgrounds in desolate areas and refugee camps and also because their involvement in the park will continue beyond the implementation phase through workshops and educational activities in the park.

The project is a permanent installation dedicated to children and adults of all ages around the subject of Encounters, in Karantina’s public park, a neighborhood in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut.

We invite you to go and check it out for yourselves!

The Jury was composed of:

  • Ayssar Arida, Founder, Urbacraft
  • Adib Dada, Founder and Lead Architect, theOtherDada
  • Alia Fattouh, Co-Founder and Director, TandemWorks
  • Rula Hajj-Ismail, Educator, International College
  • Mona El Hallak, Architect and heritage preservation activist
  • Zeina Kronfol, Landscape Architect







About tOD

Active since 2010, the architecture lab theOtherDada defends an alternative position towards the current practice of sustainability through exploration of the context and medium, invoking new relationships between climate, landscape, and inhabitants. Informed by our research into biomimicry, we aim to connect to the natural ecosystems of sites to understand and consequently devise new potential living habitats. theOtherDada works within a collaborative process between architects, scientists, botanists, artists, economists and craftsmen.

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