The Renovation of a Simple House

We are excited to be collaborating with Recycle Beirut on the renovation of the simple house of Haela in Ouzai. Our aim is to demonstrate that:

  1. Well-designed housing is a human right
  2. Green construction is affordable and accessible to everyone
  3. Design can contribute to improved mental health

Haela and her four children live in this one room apartment. Their living room doubles as their bedroom in the evening. Attached are a small kitchen and bathroom. About two-thirds of the world’s population lives in similar conditions – basic cinderblock construction with substandard plumbing and electricity.

Haela’s house is located in Ouzai, an informal neighborhood of low lying buildings near the airport. The area was established in the 1980s by Lebanese fleeing the war in the South. The main road is known for its furniture shops while the adjoining residential areas are plagued by poor infrastructure, overcrowding, and crime.

More posts to come…. However in case you are interested in learning more about the project or would like to give us a hand you can contact us on

For more details please check the images below taken by Recycle Beirut:


About tOD

Active since 2010, the architecture lab theOtherDada defends an alternative position towards the current practice of sustainability through exploration of the context and medium, invoking new relationships between climate, landscape, and inhabitants. Informed by our research into biomimicry, we aim to connect to the natural ecosystems of sites to understand and consequently devise new potential living habitats. theOtherDada works within a collaborative process between architects, scientists, botanists, artists, economists and craftsmen.

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