Adib Dada 22

Adib Dada

Adib Dada is the founder of theOtherDada [tOD] Integrated Architecture Lab, which mission is to activate projects across architecture, design, and art by creating unconventional links at the frontier of science. Based on Biomimicry, tOD’s work promotes a symbiotic relationship between nature and the built environment by exploring new ways of creating generous and regenerative buildings; in essence developing creative solutions that have a positive impact. Adib was listed as one of GOOD Magazine’s GOOD 100 for 2016, and theOtherDada’s latest project Beirut River 2.0, which aims to regenerate the degraded Beirut River with partners LCEC and UN Habitat, was profiled in L’Orient Le Jour newspaper and on the LBC tv channel. As a fervent supporter of Beirut’s contemporary art scene, Adib serves on the Supporting Committee of the Beirut Art Center, and sits on the Board of Tandem Works, a non-profit public art organization advocating change on social, cultural and environmental issues. Adib is a Fellow of the fifth class of the Middle East Leadership Initiative and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.


Architecture, Interiors, Interactive Design, Interdisciplinary team arrangement, managing creative workforce.


Yasmina Choueiri

After receiving her Bachelor degree in Landscape Design and Eco-Management from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon along with a diploma of Ingénieur Agricole; Yasmina Choueiri pursued her Master’s degree from Wageningen University, The Netherlands, in Urban Environmental Management along with a minor in Land-Use and Planning (2011)

She later returned to Lebanon and worked on several projects in the fields of environmental landscaping and urban planning. The most significant was the Lighting Master Plan for the City of Beirut, which was part of a multi-disciplinary project to re-develop the public domains within the City of Beirut and was financed by Ile de France.

Currently she works at theOtherDada as a landscape designer and environmental consultant. She is involved in designing and developing sustainable and environmental solutions for application in outdoor and indoor spaces. She is also responsible of researching topics regarding urban biodiversity, indoor air quality, bioremediation, ecosystems, native fauna/flora and their interaction.

She also works at the American University of Beirut on part time assignments as a lecturer and as a research coordinator on projects focusing on the feasibility of improving water cycle management and planning in an urban area of a semi-arid region.


Isabelle Abi Haidar

Isabelle Abi Haidar holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (FEA) at the American University of Beirut (AUB).

After graduating, Isabelle worked on several small and large scale projects in Lebanon and the Gulf; including residential complexes, offices, hotels, commercial buildings and resorts. She has also coordinated projects with international architects like Foster & Partners (F+P) and Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners (RSHP).

Out of her belief in the importance of merging nature with architecture and her interest in sustainable design, Isabelle later joined theOtherDada Integrated Architecture Lab. As Senior Architect, Isabelle handles the development of design projects, preparation of complete construction packages, coordination with project collaborators, and monitoring site works.

As part of her eagerness to refine her skills, Isabelle regularly attends workshops, the most important of which is Green Entrepreneurship by SwitchMED.

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  1. Interesting blog indeed. Wish you success in this endeavor.
    Many thanks for including EcoMENA in the list of ‘interesting websites’. Shall be glad to explore mutual cooperation between our respective initiatives.

    Best wishes
    Salman Zafar

    Founder, EcoMENA

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